Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was editing some of my sessions from January and every one of them are sweet, chubby, babies!  I love it!  Just thought I'd share a few of them.  Couldn't you just squeeze those cheeks?  Enjoy and my husband wonders why I always have "baby fever"?  Hmmmm, I wonder?

as much as I enjoyed taking these photos, I can NOT wait for it to warm up so we can get some outside shots!  I'm ready for the sun, however I was told the other night that the more snow we have, the more earthworms we'll have and the better our soil will be for crops.   See, there is a bright side to the cold, dank, damp, freezing weather after all.  *wink*  

Sleep tight and goodnight!

Find something to smile about each day...

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